How it feels
not how it looks

your outfit may be stunning, but we’re more interested in
the beauty of your love

do it your way

Weddings are about friends, not dresses.
in fact, you may not even wear a dress

Style  is

be coMfortable with who you are and
your true self will be revealed

Trust Your

you are in the moment


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Collecting vibes

Why we do what we do

We are Vlad and Cristina. In our eleven years together, we learnt a lot about love, life and photography. We put a lot of passion and effort into our work and we believe in genuine moments.

We feel a wedding is a gathering of friends and family that should be kept as a cherished memory, not just another formal occasion. That's why we choose a unique approach of capturing moments we call "vibes" and make sure that everyone will relive the feelings of the moment every time the wedding album is pulled from the shelf.

Vlad is respectful of the uniqueness of each moment.
He captured the most perfect and
subtle shots without us feeling intruded.

Daphne + Klaus

He's not intrusive and at the same time
he's everywhere throughout
the entire wedding.

Oana + Roberto

What we liked best is that he saw us,
through the lens of his camera,
as we are inside.

Delia + Misha

It's about the man behind the camera.
A friend. A supporter.
An organised and meticulous counsellor.

Luciana + Robert

Vlad is a creator of memories.
He is professional, discrete, funny, he manages to transform the process in an enjoyable and effortless experience.

Ana + Bogdan

Vlad's discretion and professionalism are unparalleled,
exceeding all our expectations from start to finish.

Sara + Brendan

Choosing Vlad to capture memories from our wedding was
one of the best things in our life.

Lori + Adi

We collect vibes and we do it responsibly. We want to meet the real you.

If you are planning something different in the near future, we'd love to hear about it!

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