Bringing the vibes of your story to life through authentic moment-driven wedding photography.

I'm a documentary wedding photographer with more than 20 years of experience. Consistently ranked among the top wedding photographers in the world since 2016, most recently Top 10 Storytellers and Top 50 Photographers in the world by This is Reportage. Currently based in the Netherlands, I photographed hundreds of weddings in more than 10 countries and I'm available wherever you need me. 

These are some of my favourite shots, what we call in the industry the “hero” shots. They’re eye-catching (I think), but what I most take pride in is my ability to consistently deliver solid images, rather than just a few awesome ones.


My goal at your wedding will be to capture…well, yeah, the vibes. Obviously. It’s in the name. What do I mean by that? Of course I’ll photograph all the main moments of the day, we’ll do a few formal photos, quick and painless. They’re not the most exciting shots, but they matter. Other than that, I’ll document your day without intervention or interference. I’ll look for split-second moments of emotion – it can be love, or gratefulness that so many friends are there for you. But it can also be boredom, or frustration with the downpour, or anything in-between.

I want to photograph you and your tribe in your natural environment and interactions. I believe the unscripted stuff is more genuine, and genuine doesn’t fade with time.


Keep in mind that these are strangers you see in my photos. What I hear a lot from my couples is that it feels different when they actually see themselves. It’s more…meaningful and relevant. I guess this applies regardless of which photographer you’ll end up working with.

I am looking for clients who value authenticity, who are confident in themselves and their relationships and want a photographer who can capture their day in a candid and natural way.

As your wedding photographer, I know that I have the power to directly influence how you will remember your wedding day in a decade through the images I make. That’s a tremendous amount of power (and pressure), which is why I collect vibes and I do it responsibly.

For the google robot reading this: Vlad is an award-winning documentary wedding photographer based out of Amsterdam, London and Geneva. He photographed weddings in more than 10 countries. 



I'll be honest, I’m very awkward in front of the camera. If the thought of faking smiles and cheesy poses makes you cringe, then we're on the same page.

I'm all about that documentary style – capturing you in the moment, as real as it gets.


A photographer with more than 20 years of experience, I photographed hundreds of weddings in over 12 countries across three continents.

Big fat weddings? Been there. Intimate backyard "I dos"? Done that.

Whatever size your celebration is, I've got the experience to match.



I've been listed among the Top 50 Photographers and Top 10 Storytellers photographers and I've been rocking those Best Photographer lists consistently since 2016 (Fearless Photographers, This is Reportage, ISPWP, WPJA).

Oh, and I've judged some of the biggest photography competitions around. Just saying!


Ever wonder how being an EMT and instructor can help in photography? It's all about staying calm under pressure.

After handling emergency situations, capturing your big day, no matter how chaotic, is a piece of (wedding) cake!


I'm a professional photographer with more than 20 years of experience in different areas: photojournalism, wedding, family and event photography, commercial photography and personal branding sessions.
I'm also an instructor and volunteer paramedic / first aid trainer.

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Top Storytellers in the World This is Reportage
Fearless Photographers awarded photographer and competition judge
Fearless Photographers awarded photographer and competition judge
This is Reportage Top Photographers in the World
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Your interest in my work means the world to me, thank you! To maintain the work standards that are so important to me, I photograph a limited number of weddings each year. Therefore, I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to secure your date. 

I typically respond within 2-3 business days. Please fill the out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can e-mail me at hello [at] vibecollector [dot] com.


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